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MISI is an online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. People on MISI sell their creations and things they love.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 1600 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 +1.888.292.7171 +1.888.292.7272 shop@rigid.con

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Unique Gifts

We have one-of-a-kind items, so you can find whatever you need (or really, really want).

Independent Sellers

Our sellers are independent small businesses that make those wonderful gifts by hand.

Secure Shopping

Don’t worry, your shopping experience is extremely safe with us.

Editors Pick

Every week we hand-pick some of the best new handmade items from our collection. These beautiful creations are making our heads turn!

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Buy directly from someone who put their heart and soul into making something special.

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It’s really simple!
Affordable Fees

We have two plans for you as a seller to work with MISI, so you decide what makes you more comfortable, and you can switch plans at any time!

Powerful tools

MISI is a great tool for you to display your creativity in a community that shares the same interests

Friendly Support

We are here for you, to help you get started and answer all your questions

Cool Shops Worth Exploring

Check our awesome store owners and artisans.
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